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Why is it so important to get up early? Some of you don't want it that's why you ain't got it.. The average millionairewakes up at 4 AM So it started off 4 o'clock in the morningI would start, I start with my cardio then I'd have breakfast and then I wouldgo to the gym and then I go to work. Some of you all have no ideawhat 4 AM looks like.

Why would you not wake up at 4:30? Because you're too busy sleeping in I'm pretty sure I wake upearlier than all of you. We don't sleep when we're tired,we sleep when we are done. Too busy hitting the snoozebutton multiple times. And if we can really be honest some of you all don't even goto bed until it's about 4 AM if you can get up beforethe rest of the productive. Stop feeling sorry for yourself,wake your ass up. And they ask me,why are you up so early? Take responsibilityto make your life happy. Awaken the beast inside Wake up at 4 AM So I begin to tell myselfthere must be a reason.

When you have something to do,when you have someone to love when you have somethingto look forward to, you get up in the morning. See people who have something to lookforward to, don't need an alarm clock because they have a reason for being. If you want to have oneof the best lives in the world which is you live on your terms? You've decided that you're not goingto allow your circumstances to define you. You've decided that you're notgoing to allow the events,

things, people, lifedetermine who you become. out it. If you do what is easyyour life will be hard but if you do what is hard your life will be easy. You decided that you're not goingto go through life being a whiner being a complainer that you're going to take responsibilityfor what it is that you want to create the greatest ability that God has givenhumankind above the animals is the ability to choose. I'm not going to sit here and tell you life is going to be Ron HowardHappy Days everyday it's not going to be that way. Matter of fact, it's probablygoing to be the opposite You see the enemy is going to throw everythinghe has in his toolbox at you. Now he can't stop you himself but his objectiveis to get you to stop you. This message is for the struggle For all those going throughtrials and tribulations.

People in this world are going to fool you disappoint you turn their back on you the closest around youare going to give up on you. And when things hit the faneverybody is gonna run you gonna look aroundand you will be all alone. I'm just keeping it real with you because somebody out thereneeds to hear what I'm saying. This ain't no motivational video man this is life. This ain't no game to me and I knowwhat you're going through And I going to speak lifeinto you, right now. Nothing, listen to me nothing can stop you God will never leave you nor forsake you and that is all you need. There's a power inside of you that you can only discoverwhen you are truly alone.

Just as the waves on a beachshore come in and out people will do the samerelationships are like music and you should nevermake music with anybody who doesn't understand,appreciate and value your lyrics. Sometimes, you just gotto let these people go you got to know your worth. Sometimes you just gotto let these people go. You got to stop chasing

peoplewho don't appreciate you. Sometimes in this life champion, you gotta remind the worldjust who you are And you don't do this by tellingthem with your mouth You tell them with your actions You make your actions speak loudand proud to who you are. Don't let the world convince youthat you're nobody. You're somebody whojust don't know it yet. You hear what I'm saying champion, I'm speaking to the champion in you Rise champion I'm here to talk to you about I'm here to talk to youabout compromising your life when are you going to stopcompromising your life for what everybody else wants you to do? It is your life.
Stop trying to sit thereand trying to impress everybody. Stop trying to be everybody's friend,stop trying to make everybody's day. If you want to do that then you shouldgive out lollipops and candy. But that's not what life is made of,that's not what life is about. Your life is about takingfull advantage of your happiness and it's just that it is your happiness. Stop compromising your lifefor other people. Do not let anybody tell you what, where, whyyou should love or like something just go out there and do it. Stop compromising your life for people whoreally don't care if you succeed or fail.

And that's a fact. You have to be willing to stepoutside of your comfort zone go out there and tackle obstacles,goals that you want to achieve not your mom, not your dad not your girlfriend, not your brothersand sisters, not your kids. You got to do what you want. You will not be a good father,you will not be a good husband you will not be a good wifeif you are unable to love yourself.

You have the same 24 hoursthat the billionaire has. You have the same 24 hoursthat the bum has.Enough is enough, man! I'm sick and tired of it. Stop compromising who you arefor everybody else I am no longer shy, broken, weak because you gave me belief. I am no longer a sheepliving in disbelief. This belief that I'm not great,that I'm not strong that I'm not worthy of this greatness. I'm amazing,

I'm phenomenal,I'm capable of all things so are you. Often times, we like everyone indicatingwhat's valuable in our lives. it's because of you, I now see the light. You're a double force of nature I even control my own destiny I hold the pen that writes my own story. I come to you vulnerable,you give me armour that makes me invincible. You're no longer allowed to ask why why me? you now say try me this wisdom shall set you free.

Free from the chains that hold yourimagination, your greatness captive. Anything you put in front of meI shall break down, I shall destroy you have the powerbestowed upon you, to be great. You now have no excuse not to be great not to be amazing you own the gift ofgreatness in your heart when adversity hits you, get back up. You're no longer weak,you're no longer misguided. Shy, broken, lost, vulnerable you are confident, you are focused,you

are strong you are invincible. Now you have the power and this is why I come to you. because they give up you see it's not the failure that stops us but that most stoppedat their first failure. Those who succeed don't stop at one failure they don't stop at ten failures they don't stop at a hundredor a thousand or a million they say "this is my goal, and I willdo whatever it takes to achieve it I will learn the lessons from any failures I will learn faster, I will workharder, I will work smarter and I will not quituntil my dream is a reality" That's the difference betweensuccess and failure.

Failure is a massive part ofbeing able to be successful You have to get comfortable with failure,you have to actually seek failure failure is where all of the lessons are you know, when you go tothe gym and you work out you're actually seeking failure, you want to take your musclesto the point where you get to failure because that's where the adaptation is, that's where growth is. Successful people fail a lot, they fail a whole lot morethan they succeed.

They extract the lessons from the failure, and they use that the energy and they use the wisdom to comearound to the next phase of success. Gotta take a shot, you have to liveat the edge of your capabilities you gotta live where you'realmost certain you're gonna fail the reason for practice,practice is controlled failure you're getting to your limit, gettingto your limit, getting to your limit you can't lift that, you can't do that until you get to the point that all ofa sudden your body makes the adjustment and then you can do it. Failure actually helps you to recognize the areaswhere you need to evolve. So fail early, fail often, fail forward. makes most feel worthless. Next time you encounter failure you got to remember every greatthing on this planet is here because the creator learned what did work but learned more from what did not work.

failure we get knocked down time after time but we get up and push forward, It's so we'll achieve ourgoal of riding the bike but then, we get old andmost of us get weak we are too soft to get back on the bike. We come up with excuses it must not be for me! No, you just soft no, you just lazy. Tell yourself the truth get back on the bike learn why you fail and make sure you don't fall again make sure you are strongerfor having the lesson.

You know it's alwaysa little bit frustrating to me when people have a negativerelationship with failure. Fail early, fail often, fail forward. Sometimes your life won't turn outhow you plan it. It turns out how you work for it. How you wake up and you chasethat dream every single morning. It's what you give your timeand your energy to that takes you to the next level. You see... I witnessed the death of my mother. The death of my grandfather. The incarceration of my father. And still I stood. Because when I walked in thoseprojects, I realized one thing I realized this, that my dreamnever lived down there. I realized that everythingI ever dreamed of lives in the sky and I must jumpevery single day. To go reclaim what's mine. And that's royalty. You see many of us believe thatjust because our father was a drug dealer and our uncle was a drug dealer that that is our lifeand that is our forever.

But I want you to know something that is only a lesson to show usto be something more than what they thought we could be. You see when a family tree is dying. All you have to dois take care of the roots. And if the roots is too deadto bring the tree back alive you plant another one.

Young king and queen I'm sorry, but we live in a generationtoday, where you going to have to grow up right now. You're gonna have to be phenomenalin everything you do because everyone in the worldis chasing greatness. And what do you do when a manis going a hundred miles an hour and you haven't evenstarted the engine yet? I wanna be great for me. I wanna be great so them projectbabies can look in the mirror and say "I am too". I am special. That flower grew in the samestreets that I grew up in that rose, rose up throughthe concrete, and so can I. It's the mentality.

Roses can grow in the projectif you take care of the soil. It don't matter how big the house is, baby it's the love inside of it. Take care of your community. Take care of your brothers and sisters. Hold cowards accountable for whatthey put in your neighborhoods Put your crown back on your head Let the world know your name. King and Queen.

This means you gotta work. This mean you haveto grind when they sleep. You gotta grind when they won't. You’ve got to grind,even when you don't feel like it. And this in all areas of life,school, sports your religion Consistency is the tunnel to greatness. Consistency will turnan ordinary man into something he never thought he can be. I want you to look in the mirroryoung kings and queens today as you're growing up with nothingand you're growing up with-without I want you to look at the mirrorand I want you to say these words I want you to say that "I am Royalty" I am more than my generational curses. I am more than my drug addict father.

I am more than my incarcerated uncle. No, I'm not better than them. But I want to do better for them. I wanna give my last name the legacythat will be remembered forever. That when people speak of it,people will smile automatically. See, this type of greatnessI'm talking about, I'm talking about When I die, they can't evenfit another body in the church because what I gave the world.

You see, you see all these menstanding on top of the world you think they're special,you think they're everything but you don't know what they didto get there. Can you quote it? Are you willing to sell your soulfor material things? Because right nowwe're losing the battle to the evil and I'm telling you young kings,I need you to come back. I need you, I need you to come back to the kings and queensthat I know you are as great citizens.

You know young kings that walk inthe room with his pants pulled up and young queens that cover her bodyand only show her face because she knows she's beautiful and she loves the skin she's in. You see, I'm wanna bring us back to that. I'm wanna eliminate the N-I-G-G-A mindsetand bring the King mindset because that's what we were born of Royalty.

You see kings and queens, life is likeone man standing on one single street And the creator says "Stay in your lane." If you stay in this laneyou will continue to ride but if you pay attentionto all the other cars you will crash. What do I mean? I mean don't pay attentionto the next man. Pay attention to the best man. See, the best man is whoever you believehe is because the mind has power. Your mouth and your words have power. I became a speaker by walking intoa school after having suicidal thoughts ready to blow my brains out. 

I wanted to give some children somethingthat they can take forever. Something that can last forever. Something that can push themto the next level and then I wanted to die. But God did a funny thingwhen I walked out that school in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Five minutes walking down thatstreet I get a phone call and they say "Mr. Hollis. How muchdo you charge to speak?" Since then, I have done nothing but speak. Since then, I've paidevery bill with nothing but what I make from what I speak. Since then, I've had a mealevery single night. Since then, I've met beautiful, kind peoplethat helped me go to the next level. Since then, since then, you get my point. God is amazing. See, I thought it was about time that somebody came to the worldand they gave people true words. You know,

not just talk to the peoplewith the big wallets and the big purses I'm talking about the peoplethat have nothing. I'm talking about the peoplewho can barely get cough syrup and barely feed their babies. I'm talking about the mothers left alone. I'm talking about the fathersjust lost that never had a father and had a baby and still don'tknow how to be a father and they're calleda deadbeat every single day. See, the thing about thisworld, they believe that you can just vanishsomebody into something. But I want you to know something wihen God put his hands on it,you cannot vanish anything.

Because that's the sameman that turned dirt into man. See, we tend to forget these things we tend to forgethow extraordinary our Father is. See, you got powers and we likeHim, you gotta awaken that power. You gotta bring it to life and yougotta show the world that this is real. People always ask me the question they say "Will, when have youfound what you love to do?" I say "You've found what you love to dowhen it becomes easy to you and amazing to the world." See,

I hope you listening to me todaybecause I'm giving you my heart. I'm giving you my soul, I'm giving youwhat they call "Real Motivation" See no, I will never come to you kingsand queens with lions, tigers and bears because I'm not a lion, tiger or bear.I was born in the jungle though And we made it out. Because you know whatthey say about real lions We take over the packand we lead it. See, that's the thing we got a lot of lionsout there in those neighborhoods. Drug dealers, killers.Whatever you want to call yourself and I want you to know King,you're special.

You're misguided but you're special. I know you grew without a father your mother left youand nobody ever loved you and nobody ever told you,you can be anything and you believed it. But I wanna tell you thisthat you are phenomenal. You are a King, you come from royal blood. You stand on the tip top of pyramids,you are Royalty King. You are light, you are a star.

The question is,do you believe you are? Dale Carnegie said: "Most of the importantthings in the world have been accomplishedby people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." Arise champion, now perseverance transforms average everyday people into world champions. So the key to victory,the key to success is never giving up. You'll need a strong why to prevail,a strong reason to keep going you see, the more difficultyour obstacles are to overcome the more you must keep your reasonsfor succeeding is not about howyou look on the outside. arise champion you might be like a Lamborghini, mean and clean everywhere you go but see I'm interested in what's under the hood Because that's what really matters.

when life hits you with that brick and you get knocked down on that mat and I'm talking to the Ronda Rousey's of the world, the ones that have been knocked down once and twice and everybody out thereis calling you a failure everybody out there is saying it's over - what are you going to do?- Rise Champion I don't even think theyshould be able to call you a champion until you've been beat Because even losers keepgoing when they're winning but when you get hit with that brickand you on that mat on your back rise champion then we separate the cream from the crop Only when you down 25 points on the biggest stage like Tom Brady and you come back, can wecall you the greatest of all time Abraham Lincoln said: "I am not concerned that you have fallen I am concerned the ground, the mat, being on your back is no place for a champion. Get up arise champion.

now you at the crossroads the decision you make nowwill ultimately define your legacy. I'm speaking tothe Tiger Woods of the world eats loss, eats setback,eats heartbreak and disappointment will try to disguise itselfas failure but it's all a lie. The way of the warrior Champion arise Get back up my spirit cries fear dies choked out by the scream the desire to climb and live out my dream Take it for the team Discipline reigns I want it too bad,to listen to the pain I'm a winner To God be the glory Tragedy and setbacks,an inspirational story warriors like me, we were strategicallydesigned for the struggle Many before me gave up and quit acted all bad, til the firsttime they got here. But see blood don't scare me I fear not death Whatever it takes champion to be the best of the best. I was made for war I cry out to heaven Blessed and unstoppable An immortal legend. Climb I say the un-climbable mountain Kicking and punching I just keep on pounding I found it that deep desire to win I remember the feelingand I say "Never of the warrior, champion arise get back up, my spirit rises Fear dies, choked out by the screams the desire to climband live out my dreams Take it for the team,

discipline reigns I want it too bad to bow to pain. I'm a winner To God be the glory Tragedy, setbacks,an inspirational story Many before me gave up and quit Acted all bad tilthe first time they got here blood To be the best of the best climb I say the un-climbable mountain Kicking and pacingI just keep on pounding Because I'm a warriorand that's what we do.

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