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Motivational Speeches You have time You have the knowledgeand the willpower and the discipline to get it done. One day you're going to realizeyour life is yours, and there's a lot of peopleimportant to you that surround it but ultimately it's yours. Then you must decide Where you want to invest this life Invest in something worthwhile. You have to picture yourself there wherever it is,you've got to picture yourself there. Alright, the next stepis you've got to believe it. This is your moment It's not tomorrow It's not next year.

Motivational Speeches It's not when you're going to graduate It's right here, right now and every choice you makeyou're impacting that thing. We're going to be lions You know when a lion is injured when a lion is bleeding he licks his wounds and he keeps walking. Your time is one of the most powerful tools you'll ever have You would be like a shark. You would think like a shark. And you can't go backwards,and if you stop swimming, you will die. If life knocks you down try and land on your back because if you can look up,you can get up this is the year to what? breakthrough! Act like you hear me! - This is the year to what?- Breakthrough - This is the year to what?- Breakthrough Act like it! Breakthrough! The moment and the timefor you to change your life is nowYou choose what you're looking for because what you look for you find that's how life works.

Make good choices, great things happen But you've got to believe in you. So believe. Why is it that we don'tbelieve in ourselves? That as soon as thingsget tough in our lives we start doubting ourselves, we start thinking thatwe're not going to make it, stressing, worrying, imagining things thatmay go wrong in the future. We need to understand, the human mind isthe most powerful tool we own but it can also be the most destructive and we need to learn how to take control of the directionof our mind and our emotions. Your mind is going to provide youwith the greatest challenges in your life because it is so powerful. So if you can conquer your mind you can pretty much conqueranything else around you, literally Your mind will no longer be able to say no because your inner heartand mind are aligned and now nothing can stop you. It's easy to be allpositive and consistent when everything is going your way. But that's not right, that's not realistic Are you going to be one of the very fewto stand up when things are tough? When everything is going against you? Will you be able to believe in what's right and what brings results to your life? That's when your character will shine. That's when your story will be born. Your story is valuable.

Your story of success. The world isfull of people who gave up, the world needs hope, we all do. The world needs you to stand up, to fight through your challenging moments, to shine through the dark times, to love through the hate, and to be the differencein an indifferent world, to believe in yourself. Most people are bloated withordinary thoughts and mindsets. They're so full of average thatthey have no more appetite, but you have to havean appetite for extraordinary.

Beyond what people are doingthink beyond them There will always be doubters,and people below you and people trying to put you downso that they can feel higher. But you've gotta stay true to yourself, believe in your mind,have some tunnel vision then one day you will have your moment Because anything is possibleif you just believe. Feed your dreams. If you can suffer through setbacks,through pain, rise up with resilience once again, and again and again. One day this world willtap you on the shoulder. And say, "This is your time to shine." You can have, be,and do anything you want You just have to believe.

Things that we can't control, we can't plan for but they come anyway This can be in relationships, the workplace, the family, It tears us down When things start to go to chaos and all you want to do is grieve. See I went there so many times in my lifeand it made me someone out there that Understands life. Understands that pain is necessary, understands the unexpected obstacles. Stop You gotta dig down deep today even when you're crying, even when that girlfriend orboyfriend is walking out of your life.

I need you to be prepared because sometimes whenterrible things happen to us we go into this dark shade and we stay there and we believe that this darknesswill be our home forever. But you gotta understandthat every pain is a lesson. Every lesson that you learnin the process of life, is turning you into something. It's turning you intosomething phenomenal.

See dreams, admirations they're not easily obtained You gotta have a walk through a storm with no umbrella But know and trust in God that you will not get wet Yes, life is painful and it removes some of the greatest things we ever had but one of the the hardest thingsto do is to keep going,Motivational Speeches is to keep chasing See, sometimes when people leavewe believe that that's our entire life, we believe that That's our existence but we are more because like my grandfather used to tell me "Will, your dreamsthey never live down there." What now is dedication? Relentless effortto achieve your dreams putting a plan together, not just jumping into the water we go like this, put a strategic plan togetherto be greater than you were yesterday, to be greater than anything, anybody could ever imagine.

See this thing about dreams we believe that is up toother people to believe in and the truth is, the only personthat needs to believe in you is you. From a deep sleep you awaken to your daily battleground Another round with life and by the end of the day you'rebroken, battered, and beaten down. You're slowly losing your mind and you keep checking the lost and found. Hoping for a profound moment, that gives you the strength tomentally and physically rebound. You were once bound and determinedto block out all of the noise and all of the background sounds but life sniffed out the fear in your soul like a bloodhound and turned your smiles into frowns and changed your happinessinto tears of a clown and as you stand in a trance spellbound That's when I come upand tap you on the shoulder And when you turn around I say it's time for youto turn your life around.

Motivational Speeches I say it's time for you to get back upbecause life just knocked you down. I say it's time for you to swimbecause you're about to drown. I say it's time for youto human up my friend and stand your ground. No retreat. No surrender. No retreat. No surrender. I need you to remember you have a God-given right to bea member of the next-level society And that means you mustfight through the anxiety. That means you must neverconcede and go down quietly. That means you have toignite your inner flames and show life that you areexplosive and fire. I know you come from whatyou perceive as nothing. I know you come from a home wherethere was never much hugging and you never felt much loving.

I know your childhood is filledwith memories of dream crushing. They told you you would neveramount to much of nothing. And up to this pointyou've been proving them right. Up to this point you'veshow very little fight. Up to this point you keep walkingin darkness and avoiding the light. Up to this point you've been blind. But today, but today my friend I’m your optometrist because I'm about to give you sight. No retreat. No surrender.

No retreat. No surrender. You're at war with life and life does not fight fair. Life could care lessabout your daily stress, and all your crazy mess, your failure to progress,your lack of success, the fact that you're not living your best. I need you to dig deepinto the depths of your heart and remind yourself thatyour heart has not stopped yet And that means you haven't dropped yet. And therefore you refuseto throw in the towel.

Life is simply trying to beat you down and put you to the test No retreat. No surrender. No retreat. No surrender. I know you come from whatyou perceive as nothing. I know you come from a homewhere you never got much hugging. I know your childhood is filledwith memories of dream crushing. They told you you would neveramount to much of nothing. All of the fear and hatred in your heart. It's time for you to disown it. That inner child of your past you have totally outgrown it. Don't you get it the best of you is already inside you've just never shown it. But what life failed to realize is that because of everythingyou've been through in your past all of the setbacks, heartbreaks, failures, losses. You are prepared for any and everything life could possibly throw at you.

So after a series ofvicious body blows from life you come back with a flurry of jabs and a wicked uppercut and you look life dead in the eye and you scream No retreat. No surrender. No retreat. No surrender. Because you remembered thatthe champion that resides inside is now primed and readyto be unleashed to the world and all of the pressurehas formed a diamond and the timing is impeccable. for this incredible transformationfrom the basement to greatness. So, please pardon the lateness, but I heard a wise man say,"Better late than never." So no matter what the weather the storms of the past havemade you wiser and more clever.

You just have to know your worth and never let no humanwalking on the face of this earth tell you different. You are royalty Against all odds you can, you will, and you must overcome, never fear, and persevere. This is a great day to win. Probably one of the biggest, most importantthings that we can do as human beings is to deal with failure.

See most of us as kids are brought upwith this universal belief that failure is bad, right? That losing is bad and a failure or losingmeans embarrassment, it means humiliation,it means we're not good enough, it means that we should notever even try something unless we are absolutely100% sure that we can win. So what happens is when you go through life and this happens over and over again We don't go for that jobin case we don't get it. We don't make that phone call to say sorry in case our apology isn't accepted.

We don't, we don't, we don't. It wasn't until I started tolove failure and look for it I started being successfulin what I was doing. You know, failure is a massivepart of being successful. You have to be comfortable failing. You have to learn to love it. And to do that, the first step you have to forget all of thoseassociations that we've got about failure. You know, you've got replacethem with positive ones.

You know when peoplelook at successful people or people that have what they want They have this delusion thatthey have got where they are by miraculously succeeding ateverything that they've done without failing And the odds of them doing thatwithout failing are like zero. See they've failed to realize thatthat person that they look up to, that person that they want to be,that person that's on top has failed more times thanthey can possibly imagine. Don't fear failure, learn to love it, learn to live with it everyday and realise that it doesn'texist as the world knows it.

You can have anything you want, be anyone you want, but you're going to have to work. Hard work is the universe'sgreat equalizer Hard work is the thing thathas leveled the playing field and given the average Joe,the underdog, a shot at the crown. Alright? If you work hardand you never give up You can literally achieve anything. Stop looking for the easy way. Stop looking for the shortcut because let me tell you there ain't one no matter who you are you have where you are right nowand where you want to be. And there's only one roador one path that takes you there and that's hard work, baby.

You have everything you needto have everything you want but you must get to work. Let's think of some thingsthat might happen if you try to do the thing thatyou've been wanting to do for years. Okay, well, it might notwork the first time. It might not be as easy as you thought. People might laugh at youand talk about you behind your back. You might get hurt. But if you keep taking action in spite of all this stuffthat might happen, guess what? Sooner or later,you're going to start winning. Remember, there ain't nosuch thing as failure, baby only feedback. Now, let's talk about whatwill happen if you don't act. Well, you will keep gettingthe same results you get now, you will keep getting treated the same, you will keep making the same money, you will keep doing the thingsyou don't want to be doing. And worst of all, you will get to the end of your life and regret that you didn't try. You see, there's no other way.

I mean the decision really is a no-brainer so to make yourself take action, you've got to make a decision and that decision has to be final. People take action and get it donewhen they have had enough. They decide and they say,"that's it, I'm done, no more" No more will I be treated like this. No more will I be overweight. No more will I be in a job that I hate.

At the moment your brain thinks like this "Trying this new thing will behard, it'll be risky, etc, etc" Basically associatingtaking action with pain.

So, what you need to dois to train your mind and focus on the painyou'll get if you don't act. And to reinforce that focus on all the pleasurethat you will get if you act. The most important thing though is to know that you're not alone. I've been there,your friends have been there, the celebrities and famouspeople you follow on social media that you look up to, they've all been there. No matter how perfect someoneelse's life seems from the outside just remember that they alldeal with pain and darkness too.

So it's okay not to be okay. Pain is there to make you better. Without struggle there can be no victory. And let me tell you, when you've been through pain, when you've fought for where you are You ain't going to let anyonetake away what you got. When you've earned it and paid your dues and suffered and failedand been hurt and been down and you get back up over and over. When pain and strugglecomes to face you again you look it in the face and stand it down because you've been through too much.

You're too strong now Everything that has happenedto you up until this point has made you who you are and it will continue to moldyou into who you will be All the pain, all the sacrifice,all the heartache, all the criticism is always going to be there but you've got to go through it. Your life won't turn out how you plan it. It turns out how you work for it. How you wake up and you chasethat dream every single morning It's what you giveyour time and your energy to that takes you to the next level. ' How can I stand on a stage with the giants It's like a man going100,000 miles per hour and you haven’t even started the engine. But first you must ask yourself, are you willing to fail a few times? Are you willing to lay down and bleed so you can see the dreamthat you dreamed about? Are you going to beat the obstacles? That freshman that's gettingready to go to college are you going to takethe obstacles that come with it? Are you going to studywhen they party?

are you going to dream when they sleep? This is the questionyou must ask yourself. Greatness will only come to you if you run to it. Greatness will only arisewhen you stand in the fire and you're not afraid to get burnt. This means you got to work This mean you have to grind when they sleep. You gotta grind when they won't you've got to grindwhen you do not feel like it. And this in all areas of life,school, sports, your religion.

Consistency is the tunnel to greatness. Consistency will turnan ordinary man into something he never thought he could be. See the difference between a good player and a great player See a good player does just a minimum to get by. The great player pusheshis body past the limit. He leaves every single drop of blood on the field. And whatever he does in life he wants to be remembered as the greatest.

He does the extra ten when the coach only asked for twenty. He runs that extra mile when the coach only asked for five. You see they won't understand this dream They won't understand this grind,this blood, sweat, and tears of waking up every day doingsomething over and over again Knowing that you might not even get paid for it knowing that you won't evenhave a meal to eat at night. You see that is the true signof a champion.

Mistakes happen, trials and tribulations happen,it does happen, but you got to keep going, You got to keep believing. I'm reminding you of how great you are Many individuals on this earthhave slipped into a coma and they began to sleepwalk through life They begin to do the very minimal They begin their death. See, this type of greatnessI'm talking about,

I'm talking about When I die, they can't even fitanother body in the church because of what I gave the world. You see, you see all these menstanding on top of the world you think they're special,you think they're everything but you don't knowwhat they did to get there. You know what my favourite saying is? You must learn how to live full so you can die empty.

It's a saying by Les Brown, listen to me You must be willing to live full so you can die empty. But we all back for it. But I want to tell you thisthat you are phenomenal. You are a King, you come from royal blood. You stand on the tip top of pyramids, you are royalty, King. You are a light, you are a star. The question is,do you believe you are?

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