TRAIN YOUR MIND - Powerful Motivational Speech (Featuring Mat Wilson)

TRAIN YOUR MIND You want to know the real secret? The real secret to a happyand fulfilled life? Let me give you a hint It's not how much money you have,it's not what car you drive what house you live inor what- what you wear It's not even how many friends you haveor how many people love you. It's one thing How mentally tough your mind is Listen man, no matter what you do in lifeYou're going to get haters You're going to get people thatdon't understand what you're doing whether you're following your dreamsor just going through the paces they're gonna be there Making themselves feel betterabout their failures and their fears by putting you down But when it comesto your dreams, your ambitions their opinion is none of your business.
 TRAIN YOUR MIND - Powerful Motivational Speech (Featuring Mat Wilson)

TRAIN YOUR MIND Dreaming is good, having goals is good but sooner or later there comesa time when you must act. Dreams without action,that's the path to delusion Without action these dreams and goals will fillyour life with negative emotions. Things like anxiousness, nervousness they will fester inside youand drain your energy. I've met a lot of successful people and again my definition of success is how happy a personis with their life, right? and that's all of themhave trained their mind to deal with anythinglife throws at them,TRAIN YOUR MIND right? All of them know how to interpretthe world around them and the things that happen You're actually training your mind to believe that you can'thave the things that you want. gonna have to work. Hard work isthe universe's great equalizer If you keep taking action in spiteof all the stuff that might happen. Guess what? Sooner or lateryou're going to start winning.

Stop looking for the easy way Stop looking for the shortcutbecause let me tell you there ain't one Hard work is the thing thathas leveled the playing field and given the averageJoe a shot at the crown. Train your mind Train your mind not to focuson the problem and make it bigger, but focus on the solution to solve it. This will make the problem smallerand easier to deal with in your mind and then it will be solved quicker. You have to work on this daily work on how you interpret problemsand the things that happen around you stay positive, stay focused and most importantly stay strong.

Life is always gonna throw in your waythings that will test you things that will make or break you. And you've got two options you can just stand there and take it or you can smash through the thingand move on with your life. You have where you are right nowand where you want to be and there's only one roador one path that takes you there and that's hard work.TRAIN YOUR MIND You have everything you needto have everything you want, but you must get to work. You can either be a victim of your life or the master of it The choice is yours You see we all have bad thingshappen in our lives But it's what we tell ourselvesabout what happens that determines how we feelabout that situation. Now this isn't justsomething that happens or, or even a test that you can passand then you can do this all your life.

This is a daily constant effortto look at solutions not problems. See most people only havea focus on problems. All right, it's the world we live in today. We live in a world of mediafueled problems, right? You can't turn on the newswithout seeing problems disasters, all the bad in this world. Now most people focus on their problems and make them biggerthan what they actually are. All right, this is wherepeople are going wrong.

If something bad happens and you make that problem even biggerand tell yourselves things like "This is always happening to me" "this is never gonna get better" "this is bigger and giving it fire. See most of us as kids arebrought up with this universal belief that failure is bad, right! That losing is bad and a failureor losing means embarrassment It means humiliation, it meanswe're not good enough it means that we should not evereven try something unless we are absolutely 100%sure that we can win. So what happens is we go through life and this happens overand over again, right? We don't tell that girl we fancy them,in case she doesn't feel the same.

We don't go for that job,in case we don't get it. We don't make that phone call to say sorry,in case our apology isn't accepted. We don't, we don't, we don't. We go through life and, and we just don't we don't do anything, you know, we don't tryanything new, we just don't. So to make yourself take actionyou got to make a decision and that decision has to be final People take action and get donewhen they have had enough they decide and they say"That's it I'm done" "No more, no more will Ibe treated like this"TRAIN YOUR MIND "No more will I be overweight" "No more will I be in a job that I hate" just decide man! Making an action a must will piss all over the fear you have.I promise you that There is happinessto be found all around us even in the darkest corner and I know some of you arethere, in the darkness and you're going through stuff,but trust me when I say there is always hope. It all comes down to perspective Seriously, when it gets badand on top of you and you feel like you can'tgo on, remember one thing you are alive and nothing out there, no problem bigor small is worse than being dead. Nothing Don't you ever, ever think about throwingthis thing we call life down the toilet because you don't think dealing with stuff is easier than dying because you're wrong. What makes you happy? Happiness is the key.

I believe that success is measuredby a person's happiness not their achievementsor their bank account. Not by how much money they haveHow much money they make What car they drivewhat watch they wear but how happy the person is And how happy they make othersaround them. I truly do. The reason most peopledon't take action is simple It's fear Fear of failure, fear of success. And the only way to overcome this and to stop making excuseswhy you shouldn't act Is to make not taking actionmore painful than taking action. People who sit around and they focus on all the bad stuff that mighthappen to them if they try to act that they completely forget aboutwhat will happen if they don't. So think about it right now At the moment, your brain thinks like this "Trying this new thing will behard, it'll be risky, etc, etc." Basically, associatingtaking action with pain so what you need to dois to train your mind and focus on the painyou'll get if you don't act. And to reinforce that focus on all the pleasurethat you will get if you act.

So it'll sound something like this "It'll be a good challenge.You'll learn something new you'll meet new people, see new places." If you do that and you take massive action every time, your life will neverbe the same again, I promise. What will happen if you don't act? You will keep gettingthe same results you get now You will keep making the same money You will keep doing the thingsyou don't want to be doing and worst of all, you will get to the end of your life and regret that you didn't try.

Remember this you're either moving forwardor standing still The choice is yours. Decide 17% of your entire timeon this earth is spent at work yet, most people are okay spending this time doingsomething they don't enjoy. Something they're not passionate about and with people they don't even like That's crazy, right? It all comes down to happiness and in this pursuitof happiness that we're all on there are some things you've got to do.

You've got to do somethingevery single day that you enjoy that you're passionate about. Nowadays, we are so lucky man. You can be like me and have no qualifications, no money no wealthy upbringing and still crush it because of hard work. Stop looking for an easy way to the top. The top is there, it is I'm not saying the top isn't there or it's an impossible mission thatonly the special among us can reach.

It's right in front of you. Most people, they're all lookingat this mountain that called success and they're all looking for an elevatorto carry them to the top. See, they haven't realized yetthat there is no elevator and I'm already half way up the stairs.

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