kriti sanon in saree

Kriti Sanon In Saree..Actor Kriti Sanon has finally spoken aboutthe shocking death of Sushant Singh Rajput. She took to Instagram to post a few picturesof them together as well. She wrote: “Sush.. I knew that your brilliantmind was your best friend and your worst enemy..

kriti sanon in saree

Kriti Sanon In Saree..but it has broken me completely to know thatyou had a moment in your life where Dying felt easier or better than Living. I so wishyou had people around you to get you pass THAT moment, i wish you hadn’t pushed theones who loved you away.. i wish i could have fixed that something which was broken insideyou..I couldn’t..

Kriti Sanon.. wish so so many things....A part of my hearthas gone with you.. and a part will always keep you alive..Never stopped praying foryour happiness and never will.” Sushant and Kriti were rumoured to be datingeach other during the making of their film, Raabta. Neither confirmed their relationship and partways after a while. On Monday, in pouring rain, Kriti was among a few from the filmindustry to be present for his cremation.
kriti sanon in saree

Kriti Sanon In Saree..While Kriti had not written anything afterthe news had broken, her sister Nupur had posted a sincere write-up on Instagram. Sharinga picture, she had written: “Nagme hain, shikwe hain, kisse hain, baaten hain.” In another post, she had blasted trolls forharassing them for not posting anything on social media. She had written: “Everybodyhas suddenly started talking about mental health on social media since yesterday...andthen we have people harassing people who are actually in a state of shock,who are hurt,whoare grieving ..

by sending them disgusting tweets, msgs, comments for not posting onlnstagram !! ‘You are so heartless’ ‘ek post tak nahi daala’ ‘Tum logo ne ek reactionnahi diya kitne pathar dil ho tum’ These are the comments and msgs we are constantlygetting !! Aap ki permission ho toh sukoon se ro sakte hain?? Please??” Sushant died by suicide on Sunday in his Mumbaihome. Earlier in the day, Sushant’s first girlfriendand his co-star in Pavitra Rishta,

Kriti..Ankita Lokhande had visited his flat on Wednesday. On Monday,Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty had been spotted at the Dr RN Cooper MunicipalGeneral Hospital , where Sushant’s body had been taken for post mortem. This is a very tragic moment for all the Bollywoodand Bollywood fans all around the world.

Karan Johar And Jajol..Bollywood today is one of the biggest filmindustries in the world. It produces over 1000 films in a year. While it produces these big numbers of films,we get to watch only some portion of it which makes it to cinema halls.
karan johar and kajol

This is because of Bollywood’s tragic secretsand nepotism culture, which is not very welcoming for the newcomers who are especially an outsiderlike Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant Singh Rajput was born and raised inPatna, which lies in Bihar state. He had struggled a lot to pursue his careerin Bollywood. But his presence in Bollywood is short butvery influencing. And today, we present you with 5 reasons whichconfirm that Sushant’s death was a psychological murder rather than a suicide. 1. Being an outsider and having no godfather. Sushant belongs to his hometown Patna andhis parents and relatives are no way related to the Bollywood film industry. We can say him a self-made star guided byhis immense devotion and hard works, unlike many of the star kids like Alia Bhatt, RanbirKapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and much more.

But the nepotism culture in the Bollywooddid not allow him to survive in Bollywood and in real life too. We can see some of his comments that requesthis fans to watch his movies to survive in Bollywood. This proves he was much more mentally affectedby the Bollywood dark reality of Nepotism and Favouritism. 2. Jealousy of rising to fame in a short periodSushant Singh Rajput has become a very popular name in a very short time. His immense hard work and talent have madehim give the blockbuster movies. In simple words, he was always extraordinaryin the field he puts his hands in. Whether be its engineering, tv serials, orBollywood, he always topped it. And this fame made many Bollywood stars jealousand insecure.
kriti sanon in saree

Kriti Sanon In Saree..That is why they started neglecting him inparties and gatherings and lately from the new film offers as well. This resulted in increasing mental pressure. 3. Boycotted by the Bollywood Production HousesSushant was one of the few Bollywood actors who had chosen to spoke against the long-runningNepotism culture in Bollywood. He openly said in an interview that Bollywoodis full of Nepotism. If you want to survive in Bollywood, eitheryou must be a child of a Bollywood star or never speak against Nepotism and their bigplayers. As a result, they even banned Sushant to playfrom Dharma Productions owned by Karan Johar and Salman Khan Production owned by SalmanKhan and many others.

Karan Johar..This added more pressure for Sushant to sustainin Bollywood. And Karan Johar is a big name for Sushant’sincreasing mental pressure. 4. Suicide Calls from Bollywood High ProfilesA post-mortem report says that the intense pressure in his throat results in his death. But does any medical reports say that whatwas he going through before a minute he took that step? None. As said by Kangana, there are various highprofiles of Bollywood that keeps on reminding you about suicide by asking them not to doit. Sushant has been a victim of this Suicidecalls.


Karan Johar..5. Exclusion From The Co-workersBollywood is a big community and there are many parties and gatherings always going onhere or there. But Sushant was always excluded from thiskind of party and gatherings which is obvious to build a feeling of separation and lonelinessin him. Reports said that he was a patient of depressionfor six months and he was taking antidepressant pills. And probably this depression was the reasonto commit suicide.

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Kriti..These are the five reasons for the end ofSushant Singh Rajput's life. If we have to tell in short, Nepotism killedSushant. Thank You for watching. Make sure you subscribe to our channel formore future updates.

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