Motivational Speech In English

Motivational Speech In English.Life.. is so short Life only has only a little time Although it will continue to go on you cannot hold on and think that every day is promised to you We have all experienced great losses in our life. We have all felt that pain of losing a loved one, someone that we cared about.
Motivational Speech In English

But yet we're still here and now we must go on But what is the examplethat we're going to leave? What kind of leadership and what kind of leadershipqualities do we have? How do we go on? How do we lead the next generation? Hate is not going to make it work Being afraid to be truthful to who you are will only limit who you truly are inside.

Motivational Speech In English.onat away from you don't let anyone take away who you are and how true you areAnd what you matter in this world to so many other people Don't be afraid to be honest. Don't be afraid to be truthful. Don't be afraid to be different. Even being different canbe difficult to a lot of people.
Motivational Speech In English

Motivational Speech In English.But I guarantee you this, there's nobody in the world that can do you. When the time comes what would you leave behind? What legacy will be left behind to remind others of your greatness, of your losses, of your victories, of your sorrows. This is a short life that we all have. And it's not easy, it's not easy living it every day.

It's not easy to go through so manydifferent circumstances, so many different challenges. It's not easy getting that pink slip Knowing that this may be your last day on your job.

It's not easy Knowing that you may lose your home because you got laid off your job. Motivational Speech This type of pain and these different circumstances many people are always going to come back and say, well that's life We cannot blame life It's not life that makes these challenges what they are today. It is the purpose and purpose never lies it will always tell you the truth.
Motivational Speech In English

Motivational Speech In  while English.existin this world right now I need you to hold on, I need you to hold onstrong and don't give up, I need you to believe inevery possibility that you have and understand thatit is not over for you. I need you to understand life is always going to be good. But always keep in mind sooner or later We all got to punch that clock. So carry on and don't give up and don't give in and do the best that you can to have the right attitude, to make your existence matter. Your existence is not by accident.

Motivational Speech In English
Your existence has so much meaning Are you ready to take on the unknown? Are you prepared for it? You can't even understand in most cases how beautiful it is sometimes to not even knowwhat's coming your way, sometimes it's notnecessary to know everything, sometimes it's not necessaryto understand everything. But are you ready Are you ready to embrace the fact that someday life as you know it, life as I know it will soon come to an end.

Motivational  Speech. you going to do about what you're doing with the life that you have right now? See I talk about life because life is such a great thing,life is such a beautiful thing Life has so much university to it. It is unexplained to some people, it is unimaginable to some people. Sometimes you may even ask yourself I don't even deserve this life.

Motivational Speech For Students   I suffering so much from this and that person over there isnot suffering as much as I am? Ladies and gentlemen Life, your existence it's temporary, it won't last forever and if you're sitting around wasting it, if you're sitting around being hateful, if sitting around being jealous.

If you're letting things outside ofyour circle control your possibilities, your uniqueness, your qualities your principles, who you really are inside then what's going to happen next? There will come a timewhen you leave this world and they're going to put you in that holeand guess what ladies and gentlemen? No one is going to jumpin that hole with you.

No one is going to jump in therewith you and celebrate that death that you just experienced. Yes, I know it may sound a little harsh. In fact, it may even scare you but you can't fake this, you can't hide from this. Life is short and the only thingthat's beautiful about it is that when you liveand you have strong possibilities, you have something that you can be doing to make it impactful for others to see.

You can't stop, you can't stop living,you can't stop growing, you can't stop fighting. You have to understand that yesterday and today and tomorrow are in three different universes.

the only universeyou exist in right now Is the now, is this moment, is this reality. You can't fix anything that's already been broken. Some things can mend in time.

And somethings are better off left alone. There are a lot ofnegative people right now that exists in this world. And there are people thatare going to watch this video, there are people that arewatching this video right now.

Motivational Speech For Students   that arelistening to this message right now. And yet, they'll still find something that is not making them happy. You must make peace within your heart. You must make peace within your spirit. Life.. is so short.

SPEAKER: If you only have 24 hours in a day, your success is dependent uponhow you use the 24. You got to hear me. People talk about Oprah Winfrey, you know, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett. Listen to me.
I don't care how much money you make. You only get 24 hours in a day and the difference between Oprah and the person that's broke is Oprah uses her 24 hours wisely. That's it. Listen to me. That's it. You get 24.

I don't care you broke, you grew up broke. I don't care if you grew up rich, I don't care you're in college, you're not in college.
You only get 24 hours and I blew up literally.

short speech.. I will  a high school dropout to selling 6,000 books in less than six months. What happened in my 24 hours? I was like, okay, here you got to get a grip on your 24 hours 'cause you bought to be broke for the rest of your life. And it just, all I need you to do for me.

I can tell you all about your life. If you just write down your 24-hour schedule for me, you let me look at it.

I can tell you where you're gonna be in five years. I can tell you where you're gonna be in ten years. I can tell you where you gonna bein 20 years, if you keep that schedule.

I have a dream. The four greatest words that thiscountry has ever heard or seen because a man with a dream is

unstoppable.A man with a dream can go to destinations that nobody has ever seen. Aman with a dream can reach a star that no one has even come close to reachbecause a man with a dream is unstoppable and the dream is hisdestination and the fuel is his passion and his skillsand his abilities and his gifts and his talents.

It's his vehicleto get to the destination of the dream and so the only thing left for a man to get to that place thatnobody would believe for him to get, it's just a little bit of faith because a littlebit of faith mixed with a big dream produces something that can change the course of historythat can change the course of humanity. You see it's so important for one tofind their dream and many people know that but not many people can find itbecause the thing is this- a dream finds you.

 dream finds you. A dream finds youwhen you get to the place that you know that every place that you have been andwhere you're at right now and the way that your mind works as it is now is still notquite where it needs to be so you see the thing that you need is growth, growth,growth, growth

growth in your mindset, growth in your emotionsgrows in your self-control growth in every single response and yourresponse ability, your ability to respond to every suffering and every pain andevery struggle and every single step that takes some sort of added effortadded discipline, added passion, added fire to keep going, to keep going, to find yourstride, to find your rhythm, to find your breathand to find your dream. I have a dream.

are four words in the heart of every manwoman and child and that's why freedom rings in that dream.

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