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The first game of my senior yearI'm in great shape But unfortunately, I broke my foot. I had never been hurt a day in my life My very first game I broke my foot. I threw me a pity party My trainer came to me says, "Walter, we can getyou back for the big 10 season" "We can get you back son." "We can get youright back in 5 weeks" I said, "Roger,when I come out of surgery I want you to take meto the

What is life motivational speech
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stationary bike, put me on the bikeand tape my cast to the pedal." "But Walter when you come out of surgery you're going to be on morphine and you won't feel like itgo back and rest" I said, "Roger I don't have time to rest Can you do that favour for me? Can you take me to the stationary bike put me on the bikeand tape my cast to the pedal?" taped my cast to the pedal. And I had a customary workout that was symbolic thatI don't have time to rest.

I had tears in my eyesas I pedaled that bike and I thought to myself I can't quit I can't give up I came back in 6 weeks. We playing against the Ohio State Buckeyes on national TV They had a guy namedJimmy Jackson at that time. On national TV meand Jimmy Jackson are going at it. In the first half I have 15 points,5 rebounds, and 5 assists and as the first half ran out I pulled up for my

patentedbase line jump shot and I felt my foot break again. I've been trained to follow through Every day at practice my coach would say, "Walter, shoot it like you own it baby, Shoot it like it's yours." Even though I felt my foot break I still followed through and my last college basketballshot went in all net because I've been trainedto follow through.

 You have to be disciplinedevery single day and train yourself to follow throughon all your fundamentals and that's how you'regoing to be successful. You have to do itwhen you don't feel like it. You have to do itwhen you feel discouraged. You have to do itwhen you don't feel healthy.

 You have to do itwhen you're under the weather. Every single day you have to train yourself to focus and commit to your businessand follow through. My college ball career was over I got offered a job to becomea hospital administrator two year program, $75,000 job. And right before I took the job,my daddy called me on the phone. Let me tell you about my daddy when I was a little boymy daddy

would always pick me up. When he came home from work,he'd pick me up. When he saw me in the nurseryafter church, he'd pick me up. No matter how long he worked,no matter how tired he was my daddy would always pick me up. So when I had my kids,I would always pick up my kids. When I got home, sometimes I was tired they'd have a bottle in one handand they just lifted up the other hand and they knewwhat daddy was supposed to do.
What is life motivational speech

My job was to pick them up. This is a spiritual interaction when you pick up a childit is a spiritual transaction when you pick up a childyou change their perspective when you pick up a child all of a sudden they can seethe world the way you see it I don't care what your children have done there is nothing they can dofor you to stop picking them up. Well, my daughter is a drug addict,I don't care, pick her up. My son messes up,I don't care, pick him up. I don't care. You pick them up.

That is your job Mama, that is your job Daddy, that is a your job Grandma, that is your job Granddad. Your number one job is to pick them up and change their perspective. My saddest day, one daymy daddy looked at me and said, "Boy you too big,I can't pick you up anymore." but when he couldn't pick me up physically, he would pick me up emotionally, he would pick me up spiritually. I had a

great dad becausehe would always pick me up he would always change my perspective. So my daddy called me on the phone,he asked me a question he said, "son, you hada tough year, what's next?" I said, "Dad, I'm going to bea hospital administrator." He said, "Not bad, but let meask you a question son Do you believe you're an NBA player? You cannot produce your self image son if you don't think so, go take the job but if you believe you're an NBA player go for it." My dad had self-control and

disciplineand waited for my answer and my answer was Yes. You're right dad, I can work the rest of my life. But playing in the NBA is a dream I've had ever since I was a little boy. He said, "Go for it son." I limped back in to my coach'soffice with a cast on my foot I said, "Coach, what do I needto do to play in the  I'm here to tell youyou just like your daddy."

But what, what do I needto do to play in the NBA? I think you should bea motivational speaker son, but.. If you lose 20 pounds and shootthe three-point shot with range, you can play in the NBA. I lost 20 pounds and every dayI would shoot 500 shots a day, every single day. I got invited to training campwith the Dallas Mavericks And not only did I make the team I became the first everundrafted rookie free agent in the history of the Dallas Mavericksto start opening night. Could you imagine what wasgoing through my mind? I had not started a basketballgame since high school I got to the arena, and they dimmed the lights,and they put the spotlight right on me Right through the spotlight I saw my mom, my dadand all my brothers and sisters.

They surprised me at the game. Then I saw my dad and I just pumped my fist and he pumped his fist and tears streamed down my face Thank you for all those timeouts Thank you for making sure I was alwayshome when the streetlights came on Thank you for making sureI could always hear your voice Thank you for always changing my perspective. I know what it feels like to sit on a bench. I know what it feelslike to get knocked down. I know what it feels liketo have a hope and a dream and nobody believes in it but a few people. Go for your dreams,don't live life with regrets. Go for your dreams,don't live life with regrets. Go for your dreams,don't live life with regrets. I could always hear my daddy's voice you have children, you have grandchildren. Can your children and

grandchildrenhear your voice? I could always hear my daddy's voice. He would say go out, have a good time,play with your friends, but don't let the streetlightsbeat you home. I'm going to bea motivational speaker" He said, "Son, you thinkyou can be successful at it?" I said, "Yes, sir" "You think you can makea lot of money at itSo when I think about life when I think about my coach,one thing he did for me as a father is to make sure I was alwayswhere I was supposed to be. He would have me write my goals down and he would check in periodically basically asking me "Walter,where are you supposed to be?" Fathers, do you realizehow powerful that is? If you ask that question of your kids, "What are your goals?""What is your future? o be? The bell is ringingand I came to ring your bell and ask you the question father,Where are you supposed to be? And ask that question to your children Where are you supposed to be? And don't you quit until you're number 1

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