rock music news in english 28/06/2020

Rock Music News In English 28/06/2020 Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 IsraelNews broadcast to you from Jerusalem. And in today’s top stories:Israel is stepping up enforcement of government’ enacted restrictive measures, which remainin effect, as the upward-trend of newly confirmed coronavirus cases persists. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi instructedhis armed forces “to be prepared to carry out any mission” amid rapidly mounting tensionswith neighboring Libya over Turkey’s growing military involvement.
rock music news in english 28/06/2020

Rock Music News France has accused Turkey of threatening oneof its battleships in the East Mediterranean as it executed a NATO mission to enforce aU.N. arms embargo on Libya. Israel is stepping up enforcement of government’enacted restrictive measures, which remain in effect, as the upward-trend of newly confirmedcoronavirus cases persists. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuchaired a marathon meeting of his so-called Corona Cabinet, at the start of which he highlightedthe ‘systematic increase in morbidity’ around the world. “We are facing a systematic increase inmorbidity.

We see this not only here, but I regret thatwe also see it around the world. Various countries have already been forcedto deal with this, and we here in Israel as well.”

The focal dilemma challenging Jerusalem’sleadership pertains to the vital necessity of balancing between a healthy public anda healthy economy. Rock Music News  And, in light of the consequences of the previouslyenacted nation-wide closure – the fiscal ramifications of which have yet to be fullyunveiled - the Israeli leadership is seemingly adamant on exercising a much more lenientapproach. While Health Authorities lobby for enactingimmediate limitations on non-essential businesses;
 the Finance Ministry contends that any additionalsetback of a gradual reopening of the economy will inevitably produce devastating consequences. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision restsin the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu who listed a number of courses of action – someof which remain under deliberation.
rock music news in english 28/06/2020

First, a dramatic increase in enforcement- including increasing fines, having a centralized enforcement authority under the Public SecurityMinistry, and mobilizing additional forces for inspection and enforcement. Second is the use of digital tools.We will see how we can overcome the problemsin order to achieve a lowering of morbidity. Third is local shutdowns, which is a toolthat we have already used in order to forestall broader general shutdowns.

Fourth is things related to restricting gatherings– a very dramatic step. I suggest that we consider it. We will see if and when it is needed. And, of course, it has consequences for certainactions that we have (previously) approved, we will see if it is needed.” Toward the end of the meeting, a number ofdecisions were unanimously adopted by the so-called Corona Cabinet, including: steppingup enforcement; a list of communities where the contagion’s morbidity is raging uncontrollablywill be evaluated and subsequently be declared restricted zones; at risk populations, includingcenters for the elderly, will be subject to repeated testing and protective measures andschool activity during the summer vacation, along with private camps, Rock Music News has been approvedirrespective of the numerous outbreaks across dozens of educational institutions.

rock music news in english 28/06/2020
Turning now to Israel’s Western neighbor,where Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi instructedhis armed forces “to be prepared to carry out any mission” amid rapidly mounting tensionswith neighboring Libya over Turkey’s growing military involvement. borders - or if necessary, outside ourborders." After Turkey deployed numerous advanced dronesand mercenaries in Western Libya to support of the Tripoli-based Government

Rock Music News In English 28/06/2020  of NationalAccord under the leadership of Fayez al-Sarraj, the balance of power quickly shifted in thelatter’s favor, forcing the Eastern-based Libyan National Army under the leadershipof Khalifa Haftar to retreat, abruptly losing gains made during a 14-months offensive. Infuriated by the latest developments, theEgyptian leader threatened the forces loyal to the Western backed government of nationalaccord not to cross frontline with the Eastern-based Libyan National Army– calling it “a red line” for Cairo. "

If some believe that they could cross theline - Sirte or Jufra - that matter to us, is a red line." While the Egyptian President called for aceasefire in Libya earlier this month, as part of an initiative which also proposedan elected leadership council for the country under international supervision – a movewelcomed by the United States, Russia and the United Arab Emirates; Turkey quickly dismissedthe Egyptian call as an attempt to save Haftar following his battlefield losses. Consequently, and in light the bolstered Turkishinvolvement, the Egyptian President announced that the situation has changed and openlyoffered Libyan tribes both weapons and training to fight the Tripoli-based government andits Turkish patrons.  Bring us your youth from your tribes for usto train and prepare and arm them, under your supervision."

Meanwhile, Rock Music News In English 28/06/2020  Turkey finds itself in no lackof quarrels over its involvement in the Libya conflict. Despite openly boasting over its proactivesuccess vis-à-vis support for the Libyan Government of National Accord, Ankara hasin parallel denied accusations levelled by Paris over violating a UN arms embargo onLibya. The French accusation pertains to an incidentthat occurred on June 10th, when a French battleship named Courbet – as part of aNATO mission – sought to inspect whether a failed to identify itself, nor did itprovide its final destination. As the French battleship set its course, anumber of Turkish battleships in the area flashed their radar lights three times atthe French battleship as an apparent warning. While Turkey rejected the French

accusationand insisted that searching Turkish vessels in international waters “was not permitted,”NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the incident is under investigation. My message is that we have made sure thatNATO military authorities are investing [investigating] the incident to bring full clarity into whathappened." In response to this incident, French presidentEmmanuel Macron informed his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his country is “prayinga dangerous game.” "I have already had the opportunity to sayvery clearly to President (Tayyip) Erdogan, I consider that Turkey is playing a dangerousgame in Libya today and going against all of its commitments made at the Berlin conference.

Speaking alongside visiting Tunisian presidentKais Saied, the French leader further condemned NATO for not denouncing the Turkish actions. ya, I consider it unacceptable and I will takeyou back to my statement from last year on the brain death of NATO, I think this is oneof the best examples of it. When two NATO members are confronted withthe situation we are living and not denouncing it, it's intolerable."

So I am saying it clearly, as long as weNATO members, Europeans, concerned by this subject, continue to be weak in our spokenwords, not clear, we will allow the games of those [(members) – referring to Turkey]who aren't cooperating to play themselves try’s objection to the Turkish-backedGovernment of National Accord in neighboring Libya. acy cannot continue. Rock Music News In English 28/06/2020  It is a temporary legitimacy, and in its placemust come a new legitimate government, a legitimate government which is born of the will of theLibyan people." Meanwhile in Rome,German nt for a ceasefire in Libya, as the situation seemingly deteriorates.  dent announced that a militaryreaction from Egypt was no longer to be ruled out. That makes it even more urgent to agree aceasefire and so we again call on the warring parties to ensure this happens.

We also call on all other actors not to contributeto a further escalation in situation." Meanwhile in Moscow,Russia is evidently losing hope for a viable ceasefire in Libya, after numerous attemptsto reach an arrangement with Turkey over the past several weeks have failed. In light of Ankara’s determined position,the Russian top diplomat called on the United States to use its influence for the purposeof reaching an agreement. be very positive.

We will see." Thank you for watching us. as part of TV7’sglobal prayer initiative I would like to encourage you today to join myself and the team herein Jerusalem to pray for the salvation and peace of Latvia, alongside our ongoing prayersfor the peace of Jerusalem, salvation of Israel, as well as for all those who are impactedby the corona contagion world-wide. I am Jonathan Hessen, have an Erev Tov andShavua Tov and we will see you again tomorrow at the same time.

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