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This is the inner symphony of greatness The Epic Soundtrack of success [I] was born a champion [I] Was raised to change I? got champion in my blood sighs I've always been a champion I'll always be it When I close my eyes and die I will be a champion On my headstone they will write champion every time they mention my [name] They will say [Jeff] my legacy is champion my obituary Will reject it every time they mention my name? They will suggest you because I am a second every day that I get up I say good morning Champion when I look in the mirror I see a champion [when] I go to the gym [I] work out like a jet what I eat I eat like a champion and the stuff I read makes me an even better champion the stuff I put in my mind is tensed just all day I am a kiss from sunrise to sundown for the moment over my gentlemen when I call [soup] [I] am accepted. I pray. I think I speak I work like a kid no long No, setbacks. No mistake.

Whatever taste it. I'm a cosmic force exceeds a Started to prosper [let] [us] [stop] and I will arise out [yes], because my God will not fail me because I am Only champion and always will be a champion greater is he that is in me? That he that is in the world I can do all things because my God all things are possible And I have a champion [doing] [the] impossible sale. Yeah is that an option? I refuse to concede Because come exception what [I] [believe] my blood champion and anything that stands in my [way] all right, because Nothing can stop me. It's been unstoppable. I am the undefeated undisputed never be Champion of the world [the] [world] says.

 I'm a loser. I get up every day and go to war with that statement They think I'm lazy. I'm hungry in an ELfa beasts mode I mean all competition the devil says I've got no running money comes to me easily frequently and abundantly In God's perfectly world says I'm crazy [the] world belongs to the gold They remind me of the losses. I take [it].

 They say I'll never recover. I serve the God of restoration [I] will make a comeback. They say you can't pay your bills with three successful Come off your silly lines of my mind. They only have average talent hard work and discipline on a great equalizer Why don't you get a nine-to-five a? Normal job that pays every week because I'm the head and other sales of all not below I was specifically designed for greatness [it] looks like your God has forgotten you my God will never leave me nor forsake me. You really believe all that stuff.

You're saying Destiny is obligated by universal laws - the man Unwavering Faith, and I believe I'm a champion committee hungry native very oh never wavering Faith Women to do whatever it takes to be a champion. I wanna round one day make a fool I will live with no fear.

I will only attack the things that scare me They will not stop my destiny no health issues. No service - no financial relational Commission's nothing shall stand in the way of my defying policy because Hey, yes, I was born a champion Raised with Jeffrey I've always been a champion will always be accepted my legacy is Second when it's all said and done on my headstone they will write champion success requires That you stare into the eyes and the things that make you [feel] uncomfortable You have to learn how to master that fear Every time that it arises on the inside of you [you've] got to reach in there and pull it out and Place it on [your] opponent on the obstacle or the challenge that you're facing every time that fear not You answer the door with Faith? But the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear [but] of power and of love and a sound mind You either master that fear but that fear is going to master you because every time you give it to that fear a piece of your life [died] So I want you to make a decision right here and right now Draw a line in the sand and say

 I will not [live] this way Fear cannot have me [any] [more] Nelson Mandela Said I Learned that feel afraid But he who conquers that fear I will say it again To go to the next level you must boldly and aggressively attack the things that scare you You must learn to look at this fear in the eye and the things that make you feel [uncomfortable] and say so what you will not stand in the way [of] my greatness every Time fear So displaced through grab it by its neck and you soak the life out of it Not letting both evidence appearing real to slow your brain Fear is just face it refers a live champion And go out and live the life you were meant to live Moments, you start the hesitation Who got it tacky? the moment that ceo whispers in your ear You got to smash it. We go to the next level you must stare into the islands of the things that make you feel uncomfortable Yo future is too
 sports motivational speeches compilation

important to be held hostage by fear get out of the sand Get out of that Comfort Zone and move [toward] the edge walk all the way out there to the ledge and Jump God made you a conqueror Now go on into the world and conquer champions Master their fears That's why we call up champions we left You're going to have to learn how to stare into [the] eyes of the things that scared you and make you feel uncomfortable say so white the richest man to ever live King Solomon Then where there's no vision the people perish So for you to be successful

You got to get clear about what you want in life [you] have a vision life starts happening to you, and you saw him in [the] light [you] [see] clarity it's the starting point the jump off for all personal transformation now We'll give you four powerful questions to help get you started Number one, how do you want to feel and each year [in] your life? Number two whether success mean to you define it number three, what outcomes will produce that experience and number four What goals will Initiate those outcomes? you can tell the level of Faith the person has by the size of their dreams true believers dream bigger and Aim higher but they know the size of the God they through If you want to accomplish amazing things and experience all that life has to offer You must set enormous Almost to the Edge of Insanity goals for

yourself The age of being practical is over dreaming with boldness takes the limit of a [God] It allows him to work [the] miracles that he is so willing to do Don't set your goals in relation to your own abilities Set your goals in accordance with the God [you] [serve] and let me tell you this all things are possible with [God] So if you're aligned with him if you align with his principles you are blessed and unstoppable [now] Let's go to the word Now the helmet is able to do exceedingly abundantly Above all that we ask or think according To the power that worketh in us now notice that last segment According to the power that worketh is us that means?

Everything you need to accomplish your dream is already inside you Wake up. That's the secret. It's already in you when you gain revelation To that power, that's in you There's not a wall There's not an obstacle. There's not a mountain that you said in your weight Because all things are possible to help that believe and when you believe that kind of weight and you serve that kind of God you are blessed and Unstoppable you have been granted through Grace the power and authority to accomplish your divine Assignment he has placed seeds of greatness inside of you and with that anointing all things are possible God is not wanting some bastard Walking around on Earth six broke and defeated No glory for him, annetteYou know we're out [of] [enslavement] every fixed-Wing Blessing and success to experience is designed in some way to put you in position to minister to the law He has

empowered you [to] succeed so that you can have greater access to Bigger and bigger platform to pronounce his glory You always know just in the mighty, army of God And no great general would send his soldiers out into battle if he [had] He has only a Christian to be victorious the weapons are faced Nine, and the Spoken word.

He was out of three most powerful forces in existence and Nothing can stand in the way [of] them These are the same weapons Jesus performed all his miracles with And you have complete access to them John 14:12 says Very truly. I tell you whoever Believes in me will do the works I have been doing and they will do even greater things [in] need because I am going to the fuck Now if the word of God promises you something And you can rest assure and full faith that you had the powers in you.

 Go now and change the world with Dale Carnegie said Most of the important things in the world have [been] accomplished by people who have kept on trying When there seemed to be no hope at all arise champions now perseverance Transform average everyday people It's to wear a jacket Sorta Key to victory the key to success is never giving up and in order to you to do that [rhys], chance you won't need a strong way to prevail a strong reason to keep going You see the more difficult your [honor] to the law to overcome The more you must keep your reasons for succeeding is produce then somebody said The difference between the successful person and others is not a lack of strength Never Lack of knowledge but a lack of will Success is not about how you look on the outside Rhys champion you might look like an 11-game.

 You mean a clean everywhere you go Let's see how I'm interested in what's under the [hoola] because that's what really matters when I hit you with [that] brick And you cannot have on that [Max] And I'm talking to the little Rowdy for the world wasn't been knocked down once and twice and everybody I just call him you a failure everybody out there saying it's hopeless. What are you gonna? Do [Rhys] chance me? I don't even think I should be able to call you a champion [I] Teach them be Because even losers keep going when they're winning Well, we do get here with a fricking you own that man on your back rise shit Then we separate the cream from the crop only when [you're] down 25 points on the biggest stage Like Tom brady and you come back can we call you the grapes of all time? Abraham Lincoln said I am not concerned that you have Fallen I Am concerned that you

arrived Champions make adjustments, not excuses get off the ground The mat [being] on your back is no place for Jeff Shanta you at that crossroads the decision you make now will ultimately define your legacy I'm speaking to the title run of the world each loss [each] step back each heartbreak and

disappointment [we're] [trying] [to] disguise yourself as failure But it's all alive and let us not grow weary of doing good for in due season. We shall reap if we do not give up Many times on the road to success. You're going to feel crushed exhausted and alone be like It's not like little league arrives champ. They don't give away participation trophies. There's the champion And everybody else. It's one of the other how do you want to be remembered?

It's time light knocks. You down rise cameras bounce back with an even greater hunger to succeed the ones that have the hardest time doing this Are the ones that haven't we class? And you can only go [as] far in life As your I will carry you chances have self-awareness They know why they want what they [want] and now why carry them to the promised land [so] why is the birthplace of all champions?

She is the mother to all lessons and all the greats in every field the more [degree] you are connected to the thing to try to a More likely you are to achieve it Natural talent and ability that's all good But it won't carry a quitter you got to find a wide and makes you invincible That you can run some walls when you get up Nitschke said He who has the wide a little for you can bear [almost] any how and I'
m not ignore what you're going through Get up, and I'm not [gonna] see here last who you're saying It's gonna be easy cuz it's not it's gonna be a struggle. [you] [won't] have to fight And call and scrape your way about the same, but you can do it if you want to do it Now are you all pretending? Why are you a champion? [you] can't have a testimony without first having [attack] the whole world is

watching you right now Get up to see how you respond so much you made up never give up Bona fide success can only be obtained through genuine expression of the truth So be aware at all times of the ward and raging over your identity The Society will try to conform you try to break you and most of all label you The battleground is over self and you are under siege Don't join the army of clones real Selfie Take off the mask and let the world bask in the beauty of an original for your own star on the stage of life Except

inside that you are good enough and worthy enough to be loved with a person you really are Champion live every day in the bonus of being themselves You will never make to be a carbon copy of [anyone] God strategically design you for greatness Life is your canvas Grab the paintbrush and Express yourself When you can show the world who you really are Without any reluctance without any fears and without needed people to accept or validate you Only then can [you] truly be the artist you are creating it to be stop chasing the trend the 1% did become the 1% by tasting the other 99% They was their own way they made their own path [a] [thirst] inside and found Themselves if you want to be successful stay in your lane, you got to do you not chasing the world Awakened to yourself in the world will come change you all that you want crave and desire Inside can be found in your own uniqueness Stop chasing other

people's dreams start running from yourself [quit] being the person other people want you to be and start living the life. God plan for you It's impossible to consistently do the things it takes to become successful. We did not being true to who you really are To fully walk through the door of victory you must be in your assigned calling When you stay in [your] own lane and build around the springs God gave you you will begin to attract massive success That's the key the key is you already have the inside you what you're looking for you already Yeah,

listen to me Just because you admire somebody else's talent or their greatness Does not mean that you will anoint it to do what they do [you]? [would] desire to do you You see refusing to accept the role that you have been assigned leads to internal Conflict, I think one of the biggest problems in the world Is everybody is out of prediction they've adopted other people's dreams other people's destinies And when you're not in your call, and all you're going to have in [your] life [is] Chaos You're going to have [struggle] because you're going to give the grain you're not doing what the manufacturer? God made you to do this misalignment. Will call [sites] and all types of disorder in your life So honesty is the first step to bringing your spirit back into harmony being real translates into inner peace and Sounds you need to help when you're comfortable in your own skin Your relationships with others will flourish.

There's nothing more beautiful more powerful And more seductive then a person comfortable in their own skin The you stay in your lane Everything I teach is rooted in a word Psalms 139 14 says I will give thanks to you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made Wonderful are your works and my soul knows it very well Stay in your [lane]. You're beautiful. I told about the real checker. I don't just take positive worldwide A Motor City and Billy Old Rules collaboration Dad a dream Dad a dream the world belongs to the [bold] Dream bigger Campion and bring home the gold so many of our dreams at first seemed impossible Didn't they seem improbable? And then when we summon the [will] they soon become inevitable small dreams Will choke and suffocate the life out of you There's no money. No fame. No Glory ever see with small things Because it has no manger the world You [see] [small] [thinking] is rooted in doubt and doubt the to play so I challenge you right now - dream Now Helen keller says The most pathetic person in the world is someone west sight but no vision

Must be that's rooted in the word where there's no vision the people perish See when you see the world from a kingdom perspective your options are unlimited [but] with God all things are possible [then] I ask you this That dream your dream and examine it. Can you do it on your own? Because if you can do it on [your] own, and you have god out Then you need to go back to the drawing board and dream bigger Here's what I want you to do I? Want you to dream to the point the world tells you what you striving for it is [the] impossible And then all together every [day] of your life And go to war with that statement And to improve it a lot and to prove all wrong cuz until you finally impossible [11:12] dream give birth the insignificant inherence Really existence,

and you are decided to live that way that a dream if the dream, you're dreaming Doesn't scare you Dream bigger if the dream you're dreaming doesn't require you massively growing expanding dream better if the dream does dreaming [noting] how the world saying you're crazy The dream way up the world belongs to the home to the hungry to the fearless The rest of the spectators you want to [artist]? your thoughts are the hand that guides our paintbrush Now pay the light you want a meal I Dare you to dream now. I want you to take that dream and come projecting onto the canvas for the world again rewrite [into] only with your reason for the impossible Are you truly living? Resource all no limits no barrels with no restraint is unlimited all things are possible [a] day your dream All things are possible a day in the dream to retire Take people [for] so [greatest] Exhibit by excellent your the world a glimpse of who you really are When you go start living the life you were meant to live Imagine Grand outcome for your life As if there were no limitations of barriers to restrict you from achieving. Oh They outside the box No, man is around every possibility It's innocence of our greatness, and I say in a dream. No

moneyThere is no tomorrow's It's just a long list of today's bonus. You gotta Seize the moment Gotta come with every opportunity that comes [your] way, oh [all-in] You Gotta Commit [we] can only go as far and so self-discipline will carry you Desmond Rawat had a big dream big Old big ambition But here's the deal Work ethic [no] discipline no convene man must match what you're trying to accomplish to be [a] goal without Is just an illusion you're calling yourself that you have the ability you Got a talent you [got] to give inside you gotta put it there But you gotta make a decision. Do you want it? I mean do you really want it [you]? [go] to the next level You will have to boldly attack the things that scare you No,

one's out No more fear no more hesitation Complete God designed you to be a champion set yourself on fire with Passion [and] simplify greatness and Everything you do you see everything that happens [in] your personnel in your life Was strategically designed to prepare you for this moment to prepare you for your future? to stop running from your destiny So you break through what happens when you pick up that hammer and [remain] [it] for a glass? That's the only way it's going to [happen]. [it's] not going to come to you You wanted to go to hear you got a shadow all? Misconceptions all barriers all limitations Refused to be average So did they forward? so how to do with the world sensitive pocket and refused [to] let the masses Keep you in the cemetery which is the comfort Zone Your life isn't being [live] unless.

It's being live that on the end Because you were designed to grow To stretch to reach to Expand not to be a slave [to] being comfortable See the number one reason people fail It's broken focus So you got to remove anything in your life that [has] taken time away? They can ellis your way or distracting you from your destiny You must consolidate all your focus all your energy all your resources to the task needed to achieve your dreams Gather yourself only makes you be good [you] can't do everything you are recited to everything success requires you to find your thoughts and actions behind a single clearly Define

perfect wholeness [all-in] never Leave success you've got to own it from the moment you open your eyes You got to set the tone for the day And the first question you need to ask yourself is what am I going to do to get [baddest] today? You see the great Lao, ZhU said mastering others and strength But mastering yourself [issue] power, and I understand this What you do consistently you will officially become Therefore your first objective on the road to success. It's a master and conquer yourself One you must all come the daily [toothpaste] Stand in the way of your dreams Now [you] should understand when you have greatness in you The only way you'll have to be able to access is by going through a game of self-discipline you can outsource self-discipline self control self mastery [you] [got] to stop blaming everybody else for your own Shortcomings if you [want] to make progress [you] must address what I'm telling you right now now discipline Starts in the mind. It's rooted in your wife and ultimately determines whether your dream lives or dies Now let's go to the word He did have it no rule over his own spirit. It's like a city that has broken down without [one] So that's this one you have The whole Corner where you are? And what you don't master well officially [math] [to] you [mostly] missing all the time [and] focus on the external [aspects] of success And get a dress the internal mechanics that actually produce it Your grind your work ethic that's your claim to get up out of here.
That's the only way out [of] mediocrity Greatness can only be purchased with [the] currency of hard work Now let's go back to my last message Stop leasing success and own it and what I mean by that [I] see on Monday a lot of you out there You're doing everything your takes.
 [you're] hitting it hard You're going all-in 100 to 120 [o] to say you're doing the same thing You're going all-in you're doing whatever it takes and then Wednesday comes And your discipline breaks down And look at it all back all the games tomato Monday or Tuesday. [you're] back on Wednesday Now Monday and Tuesday you were trying to blueberry The only problem with [that] is it was a rental car In a Wednesday you return that thing What I'm trying to get across to you is success requires discipline 24/7 365 It means going 120 [all-out] Every day no excuses It's that simple You got your choices you can make embrace this Flynn or accept defeat simple today Now men, are you walking around out there like you got all the time [in] the world? But here's the truth.
You don't get a second chance at this You don't get a second chance. I'm telling you. It's up to you success avoids the undisciplined like the [plain] So it's time for you arrived Great warrior and go be the person. God made you to be now all of you out there with just average talent Self-discipline is the great equalizer Hardwork Discipline that's the membership fee that filters out [the] weak from the strong the losers from the champions the average Nobodies From the legend which one you want to be?
messenger [God] taught me to tell you That your best days are ahead of you this is not the end and no matter what your faces the Trial of the tribulation the circumstance or the situation You will come out of this victorious I am the messenger bringing the message of Hope to The one thinking of taking his own life With a needle in his arm. You don't to all the homeless to the one the doctors are told You only got six months to live those who've been right to the woman who just got read Diagnosed with cancer for [the] third time to those that this went bankrupt To that one out there who just lost their whole family in a car wreck to those that just love their baby, and my brother [who's] just Got told you'll never walk again I'm here to tell you all God has not forgotten you He will never leave you nor forsake you this is not a coincidence that you are hearing this message this message was Spiritually and strategically designed for you the God said Plans know the plans.
I have you declares the Lord plans To prosper you and not harm. You plans to give you a hope and a future And see you want to go through what you're going through so [that] you can be staked refined and molded flirting even [qualified] for your future So you will be prepared? to do your [calling] So consider it all joy, my brethren when you encounter various crowds No one is attesting [that] your Faith produces endurance And then if the rattan is perfect with all so that you may be perfect and complete Lashing and nothing. I am the messenger, but what the enemy murdered killed and destroyed your face [to] rest the ring - I will restore the low [spheres] indicator where man so don't let us [never] lie to you? God has an amazing plan for you, and [I'm] the missing [not] here to bring hope to that mama whose son is out there on the street hooked on pills Who everybody else are giving up on? Put that Mama [who's] their home? Praying over her child in prison Don't you give up because the words there? out his word and healed them and delivered them from their [destruction] I'm the messenger Sit here to deliver the hope In the Lord whose mighty and all things as I dare you to trust me with your dreams and all I Am the [messenger] stop telling God how [see] your problems are? And start telling your problems help me call these and since we have hope We are very bold Because the waters there and in all things
whatsoever ye ask for in prayer believe in you still receive So I've been sent to that woman Who's about to give up on her marriage? into that man who feels like he's not let his family down and on the verge of throwing in the towel to give it off to him in at all I Am on the mess just Gotta Stay love Shoot, and this is not the end And I was sent to the man in prison who doesn't see any reason for living and I was sent today Young girl Who's considering an abortion because she just doesn't understand? customer elbow Be able to take care of that child I'm here to tell you God is with you and with God all things are possible. I am the message of hope And for that one out there who thinks they've done the unforgivable I'm here to tell you to God it's a god of second chances and His grace will set you free. I am the messenger the
messenger of Hope Billy all's Gross blessing unstoppable less than unstoppable [sass] Dodge putting the right things into your mind My new goal less than unstoppable was statistically designed to align your mind with the [laws] of [success] this curriculum will teach you to enter mechanics required to go from average to Phenomenal from Living a life with limits to being blessed and unstoppable [as] you follow this guy's Step-By-step amazing breakthroughs where happen new doors of opportunity will open and favor what we

re going to chase you down that's an unstoppable is a 31-day devotional on the laws of success this book will instigate the thought process and Actions required to transform your life each day has a bible verse a teaching on that day's principle a positive affirmation [a] prayer for the day self-Assessment questions success quotes action steps and a powerful inspirational message regardless of What builds your in Less than unstoppable we so blueprint for success get your copy up for mail along

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