RISK vs REGRET Risk Motivation

RISK vs REGRET You know, a lot of people comeup to me and they ask me Marco, what is it that motivates you most? and to answer their questionI reply back with a question I

say what if I told you thatyou have one week left to live would you regret not pursuing yourdreams, passions, and desires? would you regret not livingyour life to the fullest? would you regret not spending as much timewith your family, friends or loved ones? You know Steve Jobs saidin a speech one time that he used to wake up every morning,

look inthe mirror and ask himself questions like this and he said that if the answer wasyes for too many days in a row then he knew that he hadto change something and that should go for all of us. If you're living a life that youwould not be okay with losing because you weren't able todo things you wanted to do then now you know that youneed to change something Life is simply too shortand unpredictable to not live exactly theway that you please.

It is ridiculously unpredictable it is possible that on any given day todie at any point throughout that day without ever being able to see it coming. You know, when I was 13 I had this teacherwho was an absolutely amazing person I'd known him for several years then and he had two kids, a lovingwife, he was a man of God contributed to the community, RISK vs REGRET hegave us everything that he had and he would bike toschool every single day I always remember him comingto school on his bike and one morning on his way toschool, it was early in the morning he was crossing an intersection, a recklessdriver comes out of nowhere hits him,

he dies on the spoton the moment of impact. His death taught me so manyvaluable things in life and one of them being thatit went on to show that no matter how muchyou don't deserve to die and no matter how goodof a person you are and no matter what your situation is,no matter anything it goes to show that deathis inevitable and random and it will eventually consumeeach and every single one of us whether it's in 50 years,

in 10years, next year or even tomorrow. You can not control it the people around you can not control it. As long as you're at the wrongplace at the wrong time your whole life could disappearin the blink of an eye along with everything youwished you could have done Whether you're walking down the street whether you're stepping into the elevator whether you're walking down the stairs whether you, whetheryou're just existing. Listen, you'll see people fromnowhere die of a heart attack, gone no family history, no symptoms,no causes, nothing it happens and that's thecruel life that we live in.

And it's something that we can not control. So, what I want to make clear is that regardless of the paththat you take in your life at one point death will consume you it doesn't care whether youfloss your teeth in the morning whether you raise a family or not whether you go on to be rich,poor, a success, a failure whether whatever, you are still goingto die at one point, it is that simple and knowing that you're going to die soonshould be the biggest motivation to both make the difficultdecisions in life and to get your ass outof bed in the morning.

RISK vs REGRET Risk Motivation

So, now the question becomes, RISK vs REGRET what is it that you truly have to lose? If you pursue your dreams and you fail sure you might be a little bitmore financially unstable you might experience stress or other feelingsyou wish you never had to experience but either way, even if you fail you'llend up back to where you started which is where you are now so, what do you literally have to lose. you wannaincorporate into your lifestyle maybe you're thinking aboutpursuing your dreams to the fullest maybe you're thinkingabout putting in the work to become a doctor, an engineer,a firefighter, a professional athlete but some of you won't follow theseAmbitions because you're afraid you're afraid to fail, you let thefear of failure dictate your actions and you're afraid ofwhat mom or your papa thinks you're afraid of what yoursister, your brother thinks or your grandpa, your grandmaor your cousins or whoever.

But what truly matters is you you are in possession of a gift you have a talent andwhatever that talent is you can make yourself and the people aroundyou a stronger and better place with it. But sometimes the only wayto do that is to take a risk at one point you have got to take a leap if you want to make that giftthat you have become a reality.

Otherwise, society will gladlyaccept you as a nine-to-five slave working just to pay off your rent and tostay alive and to live for the weekend which is the absolute worst way to live. If you don't jump believe me,if you don't pursue your gift you will live a life full of regret and your gift, your dreams, everythingthat you ever had to offer to the world will die with you. From firsthand experience,I am pissed off at myself I'm pissed off and I regret so much in mylife, I can't even fathom explaining it. Not about, not about what I'vedone but what I haven't done all the opportunities that I turned downand all the chances that I never took just because I was afraid or because I wasworried about what other people think and I officially decided to sitdown, I sat down for weeks I didn't, I didn't just think of what I'm sayingright now,

I didn't think of it overnight this is months, this is months of thinkingand I just sat down and I just wrote and after comparing the randomness of death versus the chance of you failing whilerelentlessly pursuing your dreams versus the chance of you living a terrible lifebecause you failed at pursuing your dreams versus just calling it a day right now andliving a traditional western world lifestyle versus everything you can think of,versus absolutely everything.

and I can gladly say that rightnow as of this moment right here I would rather live eachday as if it were my last and take every risk possible in thesesacred moments that I have on earth now to make myself as successful and happy aspossible then to be sitting in my deathbed when I'm 90 years oldregretting not taking a chance and thinking about what my life couldhave been if I just jumped when I was 18 or when I was 15 or when I was 22,because tomorrow is not a promise I would rather dietrying to live my dreams than to live a longerlife filled with regret. Life is too short and too unpredictable to live it- I've seen it firsthand,

it is not worth itto live it safe, basic and traditional but do you know why most people choose to livethat safe life over taking risks in their life? I mean there's a prettygood argument not to but why would you, why would you takea risk that puts you through stress puts your family throughstress, makes you lose sleep makes you lose time, makesyou put in the extra work makes you take ridiculouschances that are 1 to 1,000 you know, but before I even continue the fact that I'm even sitting here and talkingis astonishingly ridiculous on its own.

the chance of you beingborn is 1 to 400 trillion that number is so big you can noteven wrap your head around it. But okay, what what Iwanted to say was that the reason why people don'twant to take these risks is because right now they feellike they got a lot to lose and that their currentsituation is relatively nice and most importantly rightnow, they are comfortable. they got used to living basic,within society standards being with their friends everynow and then, being more rested they got comfortable and when you getcomfortable you don't wanna move and that comfort zone, I liketo call it the danger zone because this comfort zone will persuade youto stay in there for as long as possible and it is- I know, I know howit is, I know the comfort zone- It is so convincing,

it is sohard to escape comfort, I know and as it persuades you to stay in there,you will literally unconsciously -see I'm so serious when I say this- you will literally see yourwhole life go right by you and the main reason thatI'm serious about this now is because I am pissed off for greatness I wanna move mountains andlike Ray Lewis once said “if you're not pissed off for greatnessthen you're okay with being mediocre” and

I am definitely not okay with beingaverage, and I don't think anyone should be. but anyways To address why I'm even talking aboutany of this at all in the first place is because I recently got an offer tomove out to Los Angeles, California to live with two other entrepreneurs asa content creator and media influencer. And it makes me sad because it's opened up my eyes to see whatI truly have in store for me what's waiting for me outthere in the future And it's just a tiny glimpse of what I'mcapable of achieving within my short life. However, I doubt that I could get the rightlegal paperwork done in order to move to the U.S. to work for a job such as YouTube whichis really not in the control of the government and the last thing that I want to do is to go to theU.S.

to work an illegal job as an illegal immigrant. So as of this moment, I feel like Ihave to pass up yet another opportunity and it makes me feel like I just keep lettingmy dreams slip from my hands once more and now that I've seen thereality of what is possible this house in LA next to the beachin California with a huge city great weather and working a jobthat I would absolutely love and live for with people who sharethe exact same dream and vision. It has me thinking like hell yeah, I wouldgladly die chasing this dream relentlessly then never chase it at all and play it safe and being trapped within my own mind ofthinking about what my life could have been.

I hope to do more videoslike this where I speak because they're reallylike a therapy for me and it helps me get my mind off things and hopefully some people can beinfluenced by what I'm actually saying. I would also like to say that I thinkeducation is extremely important and plays a crucial role inbringing success into your life and that knowledge is power. The best thing in life is toalways have a backup plan and take into consideration,what if something goes wrong? and it's something that every role modelthat I look up to tries to enforce.

But I feel like education will alwaysbe here for me to come back to whether I'm 20, 25, 40 or whatever and I think that I have an amazingidea, vision, passion and drive now in my peak and that I'm able to capitalize on which makes me feel like I'm throwingit away If I don't pursue it and the biggest response thatI've been getting recently is Marco, what if it fails? but that's the whole point of taking a chance withthings like startup companies or entrepreneurship It's ridiculously high risk like what if I get hit by a car?What if I lose my wallet? or better yet,

what if this succeeds? You know, it's easy to benegative or to be closed-minded but I think it's easier to beoptimistic and to be open-minded. and please do yourself a favor which is aseparate topic on its own for another time but try to surround yourself with people whoimpose and promote positivity and good vibes. you will notice the tremendous effectthat it has on your lifestyle. Starting your own businessor being self-employed although preferable, doesn't exactlyrequire any kind of diploma or degree And I think that with aproper business plan and with the drive that people like youwho are watching this video,

fuel me with I feel like I can accomplish anything. If you're still listening I love you, madrespect, that's true loyalty right there effortless, this has been Marco. I hope you all have a great rest of the day and good bye.

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