I CAN, I WILL, I MUST - The Most Powerful Motivational for Success, Students & Working Out

 I CAN, I WILL, I MUST So you gotta do me a huge favor,you gotta do me a huge favor. You gotta get to the point where you don't need acar anymore, you don't need a house anymore, you're don't need to be pushed byanybody anymore your dreams, your why is gonna push you,your spouse is gonna push you, your child is gonna push you, the need to get betteris going to push you because you're closer than your ever going to be. It'sgonna push you. You don't need anything to push you.

Your goas are gonna pushyou, your dreams are gonna push you, the opportunity of a lifetime that happensin this particular time-frame is gonna push you. It's gonna drive you, it's goingto make you better. So do me a favor as I leave, as I leave, you can't be averageanymore. 70% you can't do it. You can't do it and have what you want, youcan't give me 70 and be what you want you can't give me 70 and do what youwant, you can't be average anymore, you can't be good anymore. 80 percent youcan't be good anymore, 80 percent and have what you want. You can't be good atsomething and have everything you dreamed of to make your dreams be come real to no longer dream about but walk in them, you can't. 90 percent you can begood, you can be good, you can be great but you still won't get it all. I'm telling you, when you become phenomenal there's nothing you can't have, nothing you can't do, nothing you can'tbe and I just- I believe that you're in this room right now,

I believe that we are inthe same space right now, I believe we're all in this place together listen to meI believe that we're all in this place together because all of us, all of usain't average. None of us want to be good and for those of us who reach greatness we have a desire to push past greatness and see what phenomenal looks like so I need everybody in the room when youthink about your goal and you think about your dream, I need you understandas I said to my wife in that hospital room, I can. I will. I must. I needeverybody to say it with me, I can, I will, I must. Come on I can I will I must, again Ican I will I must. I will I must. Again! I can I willI must. Again.  I can I will I must. Now I need you to think about that loved onethat- that- that- that individual that you have to do this for. I CAN, I WILL, I MUST

I need you to say it withme. I can I will I must come on for that individual I can I will I must for thatperson I can I will I must for that thing you want to accomplish I can Iwill I must again I can I will I must. Now I want you to think about that hurdle. Iwant you to think about that thing that keeps pressing you down. I want you tothink about that- that mountain that's hard to climb. I want you to think aboutthat thing that you just can't seem to get over.

We're gonna get over it todaywe're gonna get over it, we're gonna get over it together.I can I will I must. We're gonna add to it I can get over it, I will get over itI must get over it. Ready I can get over it I will get over it I must get over it. Come on come on Ican get over it I will get over it I I must get over it. I know something aboutyou. I know you're not a quitter, I know you're a survivor, I know you're asurvivor, you're watching me right now, I know something about you. You are asurvivor so I want you to get off this I want you to cut it off,

I want you to goin the mirror and I want you to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.I can I will I must it's your boy ET. I don't care what you've been through. Idon't care who you are. I don't care where you came from. I don't care whatyour past is like, I don't care what your stress is like, I don't care what stressyou're under, I don't care what problems you have right now,

I don't care what youdon't have right now, all I care about is what your mindset is like in terms oftoday and your future. Are you going to make today count? Because that's all youcan control and that's all that matters. It doesn't matter where you start guysit doesn't matter what talents you're born with. It's about where you finishand this race isn't over. It's not over. You can still come in first in themarathon but you got to start today. You got to start now.

You have everything, youhave everything you need is inside you. It doesn't matter what you don't havenow because you can go get it but it starts today. It starts with a commitmentit starts with the principle, it starts with the discipline, it starts with

effort, itstarts with energy, it starts with an idea that you're gonna make today countand a lot of people want to know what my routine is like. Well, it's predicated onthat idea - that I'm going to make today count and that means that beforeeveryone is up, I'm going to have entered a peak state already.

I'm here to help you but you have tohelp yourself. No one's going to do it for you in terms of the action but yougot to say something with me. "I'm going to make this thing work. I'm going tolive out my dreams. I'm going to live out my purpose, I'm going to be who I wasdestined to be, I'm going to fulfill all of the tasks necessary to live out thatpurpose, to become who I really want to be. Not be who I am shackled by in thepast, not live in a world of constraint I’ll seek MORE. Not more things. MORE GROWTH. I’m only getting started.

This is just the beginning. I AM proud of my achievements, but that doesn’t mean I’ll settle for them. PROUD but NEVER SATISFIED. PROUD but FOREVER HUNGRY. PROUD and ALWAYS READY. PROUD but PUSHING. PUSHING FOR MORE. PUSHING FOR GREAT. A true winner doesn’t seek only the title. A true winner seeks GROWTH. A true winner seeks GREATNESS.It’s the JOURNEY. It’s the CHALLENGE. Don’t tell me it’s over. I’M JUST GETTING WARMED UP! t’s the challenge that makes the greatness.You can’t have a champion athlete without great competitors pushing them all the way.You can’t have the greatest of all time without champions pushing them all the way. It’s the journey.

The process, that makes the greatness. Winners, the difference between them andthe spectators is the winners have a belief that overrides the crowdsdisbelief every single time. Their belief is so strong, even though they hitfailure they get knocked on their ass find the intentional force me to stand back up again, face that same challenge, learning from the previous mistakes and makeit happen.

You come in here headstrong for this workout, it's going to take everything. This is madness, this is, this is a super psycho workout but if you have it up here, and you go through it out there guys, you will leave here not only physically dominating, but mentally unstoppable.It all starts today, if you're ready to transform.You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now of what othersremember you for later. They say, I do, theyput the effort in, because they want to change right,

they put all this effort in,to do, you know what they think is right, but they haven't done the back researchpreparing it, to make sure their effort is of accordance of where they want to goin life so they end up just doing random they put, they're dumb and random then becausethey don't even know what they're really doing because they haven't studied it, they haven'tprepared for it and when you fail to prepare, you basically are preparing to fail.It's not about how you can look in the mirror, it's how you feel right now, thatand you feel right today. You feel alive, man and you're actually doing something, you're making a difference in your life that fuels the fire, be headstrong, believing in what you'redoing no matter what the disbelief's of the third parties, the rejected losers there are outthere. I had to crawl my way to get to the first cover, I had to lie, I had tobreak all the rules. Shoulder, triceps, superset. Super madness, man. Come in here ready,mentally ready, headstrong because that's how you have to be mentally tough up here. If you guys mentally believe you can do it, your body will find a way physically to make it happen. If you're short up here, it doesn't matter what you do with these guys,it

Would you complain about your crap job? I doubt it. You’d go much higher level thinking. We are living in a world where there is so much more opportunity; I just don't get the mentality of being head down sad.Please take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is and thenrecognize that you can attack the world in a totally different way cause you werelucky enough to be born during this era. 400 trillion to one. Now, what are you waiting for?We are not catching up in our actions to our ambitions and what it leads to is awhole lot of complaining. Of course it's supposed to be hard.

People are like Garyit's so hard no shit you want to make millions of dollars and live yourperfect life, why should that be easy? You can live on six hours sleep so you have18 hours, you have 18 goddamn hours, I want to know what you're doing with your 18hours cause you can work your 9:00 to 5:00 and that's nine and you can travel foran hour here and there, respect nice little solid commute, oh you want to be afamily man Mazel Tov. You can spend two hours withyour kids. You're watching House of Cards, you're playing Madden, you're relaxing from theother intense ten, Gary I already spent 11 hours.

Well great. Then don't complainor want more. Respect that by getting rest and this and that, you were givingup opportunity to go into a new work- you want the audacity to have a 1% life. Let's call it what it is. You want to live as well as the 1 to 2% in the world it'snot very complicated the math is very raw like you if you want to haveone of the best lives in the world which is, you live on your terms, you haveto pay your dues to get there.

Let me promise you something I know tens ofthousands of people and I know thousands of people extremely well, I know hundreds ofpeople deeply well. There is no correlation between how much moneysomeone makes and their level of happiness but what's not being talkedabout is the friends and acquaintances I have who have committed suicide in theentrepreneurial land in the last four years because nobody talks about the downside.Everybody thinks they're gonna be Zucks everybody thinks they're gonna buildSnapchat.

Go look at the data the data shows that the bar majority ofthis room will not succeed, not even close to building an actual business andI don't come here to be somber. I come here to remind you that there's only onething you can do. The only thing you can do that can trump the moment mommy anddaddy had sex to make you, the only thing that can trump that, the only thing thatcan trump your DNA, the only thing that is controllable, if you want it, if youwant this, it's work. Who's in it cuz they're in it and who's in it cuz it'sthe trend and let's not get it twisted it's easy you can say you're a rapper oran athlete but you can easily see that you're not. can go to theconference's like you can trick it

way more right then a lot of other thingsand- and so I'm saying this very carefully listen to me if you know deepdown that you're being exposed by this rant here's a smart move before theworld collapses go figure out who you think is actually gonna survive that, whoare the wartime generals. Let me remind a lot of you the 84th employee at Facebookis gonna make much more money than the founder of almost every company that'sgonna be invented over the next five decades so the one advantage is theaccess to these winners that you've never seen before so if you arelistening right now and said Gary like I got this, I'm gonna do it, then do it.Stick it to my face.
I can't wait to get the email from you five, six, seven, eightyears from now. But if you're listening and saying it's truecuz I wasn't into being a businessman or woman when I was a junior in high schoolright I was gonna be this, I was gonna be an architect, I was gonna go to Harvard, Iwas gonna be a banker, if that's you give a real thought to this because we'veseen this in 2001 and 2008 shit is very ugly and it's a ten year, seven year, fiveyear step back or you could take advantage ofthe window we're in right now and take advantage of the fruitful times and theaccess to these A plus generals and I would jump on those boats

if I were youand if you're fortunate enough to be here today, to know to be here today, toafford to be here today you are sitting in an incrediblespot of the seven point seven billion people on earth and I just don'tunderstand why you wouldn't take full advantage of it and it starts withsomething very basic which is actually start understanding how this is allworking, deeper not wider. You don't need to know in theory how AI and Alexavoice and VR and social media work, you need to start understanding how one ofthose things works deeply.

I've gotten here today because I didn't come toconferences and talk or make videos or build a personal brand for the first 15years of my career. Let me remind many of you long before I was 'Gary Vee,' I wasGary Vaynerchuk building a liquor store by being good at email marketing, atGoogle AdWords, at banner retargeting, at YouTube marketing, I was a practitionerand then once I built something from 0 to 60 mill or 3 to 60 million with no money,once I built something then I had a little audacity to come and talk to youabout how I did it. The amount of 23 year old business coaches and marketing guruswho haven't done it in their life that's out there on Instagram right now isstartling. It is time to do and less talking and more doing.

This is a matter of life anddeath. I don't know who told y'all. I don't know who told y'all this was aboutmath, this is about English, this is about science, right y'all thinking why do Ineed math to blow up? Why do I need English to blow up? Look this is not about, thisis not about what you think it is.

This is life and death. School is aboutsetting a foundation. Are you hear what I'm telling you? I need you to try. I needyou to try to read every single word. If you don't know it, write it down, look itup. I need you to try to go toevery single class, I just need you to try because I know something about you. Iknow something about you. I know when you put forth 120 percent effort it ain'tnothing you can't do. It ain't nothing you can't accomplish. I don't want you tolive to die anymore.

I want you to die to live because I know if you try, I know ifyou put forth 120 percent effort it ain't nothing youcan't do but live in a world of freedom and that's yours to have. That's a choicethat you can make. That's a decision that you can follow through on, that you cancarry out, you gotta wanna make this thing work for you. You gotta make todaycount. What are you doing with your time? Are you wasting it, are you going to maketoday count because it's precious or are you gonna let it just slip That's gonna be predicated on your will, your intensity your integrity, your character, yourenergy, your effort, to get what you want out of this life. It's on you. It's hard to put the effort into create greatness, but it's a lot harder to accept the reality that youcould have been great. I want you to know something, that thebigger your dream is, I want you understand the heart of the grind. Listen to me- luck is for leprechauns andyou ain't green. Luck is for leprechauns and you're not green. I'm gonna say it again. Luck is forleprechauns and you're not green. What I am Telling You is that if you're willingto go beast mode, you can have whatever you want.

I'm a living example. You canstart from nothing, start from nothing you know the story.Mom was a teenage mom, start with nothing , start with nothinghomeless, twelve years to get a four-year degree from the University, start withnothing. If you are willing to grind.. I believe effort and you've heard me sayit. You might come from priv- you might have a father that can give youeverything your little heart desires but you will not outwork me. Listen to me:

I told you, I told you, Itold you, I want you to think about those goals. I want you to taste them. I wantyou to- I want you to be- I want you to internalize it. I'm not asking you totell me what your goals are because I'm interested hearing everybody will-I couldn't- I couldn't possibly do anything with it. Listen, this iswhat I'm telling you. I'm telling you to dream your dream because I want youto feel it, I want you to taste it I want you to know how close,

I want youjust like when the weather is changing you can feel it. I want you to be able tofeel when you're getting closer to it and closer to it but more importantly Iwant you to know when you dream your dream that there are other people whoare dreaming the exact same dream. You might be the ant and the ant has verylittle but he's determined, he's strong he has a dream and a goal and he'll dowhatever it takes and I The bigger your dream is, the earlier you willhave to get up, the longer you gonna have to stay up, the bigger your dream isthe more effort you gonna have to put in and for those of you who raise yourhand and put up 70%, you'll never see it. You'll never see it for those of you whoare 70%, 70% beast mode, 30% gazelle. When you said to yourself when the ballcomes out, this is what I want to accomplish, you're not the only personthat wants to accomplish it and now I ask you this question. What do you dowhen a thousand other people want exactly what you want? What do you dowhen you're not the only one that wants to make a million dollars a year companyyou're not the only one that wants to be the president,

you're not the only onethat wants to be a CEO, what if you're not the only one that wants what youwant, what if there are thousands of other people who want what you want? Youhave to outwork them. You gotta out-grind them, you got to get upearlier, you got to stay up later you've got to execute and you've got togo from 70 to 120. No excuses guys I wish I could- I wishyou could pay me a thousand dollars today and I could tell you 70% is enough. Iwish you could pay me 15 I wish you could pay me 1500 but it's not gonnahappen. You're thinking- you're thinking- I wantyou to get it out your system, you're thinking I'm gonna work hard for 10years then I'll relax and if that's what you're thinking, this ain't for you.

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